Cedefop research paper on the quality of certification in IVET is now available at

It provides interesting insights into how the certification process quality is ensured in IVET. It explores national approaches in 12 European countries and identifies eight key quality features, which guarantee that the certification processes are consistent across a VET system.

IMG 20151117 131113DIMITRA had the opportunity to participate in the final meeting and transnational seminar “New challenges for Quality in training in Europe: towards a model EQAVET Plus” that took place under the implementation of the two-year LdV project AQUA T.S.:“Automatic Control Quality. Tool System”.
The seminar presented an overview of issues and aspects of interest regarding the effective implementation of the European Framework for Quality. The meeting also provided an opportunity to gather concrete needs of the institutions and organizations working in the field of education, allowing them to discuss about the effectiveness and functionality of tools and procedures for Quality Assurance in Education.

WordItOut word cloud 1351619The kick off meeting of the European project "EQAVET in Practice" was completed with great success on 08-09 October, in Seville, Spain.

The overall aim of our three year program is to improve an existing European model for quality assurance in training which is based on the Common Quality Assurance Framework (CQAF) in Vocational Education and Training (VET) and is addressed to training providers.