Welcome to Quick Scan

Welcome to the Quick Scan on improving learning outcomes

The purpose of this tool is to support Vocational Education and Training -institutes (VET) who are interested in focussing on the main objective of education: creating good learning outcomes. Outcomes which support the individual student in their development, as well as outcomes which meet the needs of the labour market.

Apart from supporting an integral approach on achieving these objectives the tool also incorporates the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQAVET) thus at the same time helping VET-institutes to incorporate a uniform set of European standards for good education.

How can the “Quick Scan” be of help?

  • Assess where you stand – The Quick Scan is a user-friendly interactive online tool that consists of short questions addressing specific attention areas within the educational institute. The results are presented in the form of spider graph.
  • How to develop – After completion guidelines are provided to support attention on good learning outcomes. The guidelines provide general advices to enhance an institution wide commitment, policy and action plan on continuous improvement.
  • Receive supplementary support – Supplementary support is offered in the form of two additional tools which can be of help to validate improvements.